Hoshi wa Utau 40!

•August 24, 2010 • 14 Comments

The Lone Moogle is making it a policy to never post estimates on releases, because, as he’s proven, he can’t judge time for beans.

Anyhow, chapter 40 is out, with chapter 41 in the works. At this point the Lone Moogle would like to ask if anyone has high quality scans of chapter 42, because the ones available at his usual source are low res, grainy, and watermarked (or MSPaintmarked) to high heaven.

See you next release!


Delays for quality

•August 12, 2010 • 3 Comments

Releases to come tomorrow soon. Here’s a preview to tide you over (mostly because I love this page):

I love this chapter so much.

Hoshi wa Utau 39

•July 23, 2010 • 16 Comments

I was trying to be all cool and have a triple-release (Chapter 39, 38v2, and the first WKC chapter), but no such luck. In any event, chapter 39 of Hoshi wa Utau is here. The rest will be out in two weeks, along with HwU chapter 40.

If anyone was wondering abotu the delays, this chapter proved a bit more emotionally draining (and talky) than I was perpared for, so it took longer, and everyone wondering if I had died made me care even less about finishing quickly. This is a really depressing chapter, and I can’t wait to be done with this arc so I can work quickly without fearing for my soul. It’s done now, and the next chapter is much lighter, so that sort of delay won’t happen again.

Also, translation notes have been added for chapters 38 and 39, as well as the series in general. Not much there for now, but they’ll fill themselves in.

New Project: Manga Scanlating!

•June 25, 2010 • 19 Comments

Not like anyone reads these anyway, but I’ll post here for archival purposes and pretend like I’ll be noticed. The Lone Moogle has taken up the fine craft of manga scanlating, starting with two series of excellent quality.

Firstly, Natsuki Takaya’s excellent (and hoo boy angsty) Hoshi wa Utau. Since the (one) group scanlating it is MIA (but still releasing raws) the Lone Moogle has taken it upon himself to continue their noble work, whether or not they want him to (which remains to be seen). First chapter by the Lone Moogle is here (Chapter 38). As he did with Crescent

[insert moment of silence for the departed]

there will be detailed notes and a project page up later. Expect releases weekly until he catches up with the monthly chapters in Hana to yume.

The second most excellent manga the Lone Moogle will be working on is White Knight Chronicles: The Dogma War, a prequel to the critically panned PS3 RPG, available online in Japanese since 2007. As each chapter is significantly longer, this one will be relesed much slower, starting with (a somewhat redundant) Chapter 1 next week.

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Crescent Pale Mist licensed!

•March 16, 2010 • 3 Comments

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Crescent Pale Mist has been licensed by Rockin’ Android, and will be receiving an official localization. As such, I am no longer providing my Crescent patch (and you shouldn’t either). I’ll still keep the moderately unhelpful item guide up for people who want it.

Rather than decry the capitalist tyranny keeping me from distributing a free patch, I personally think it’s actually pretty fantastic that Crescent is getting the treatment it deserves (a commercial localization). From my sparse correspondence with a Rockin’ Android translator, and their track record, I’m pretty sure it’s in capable hands.

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•October 16, 2009 • Leave a Comment


This is me, editing the string table. The line I’m changing originally read “Ninerives blade works” and served no real purpose other than as a pointer to the rest of the table. (Quite cleverly, the strings that show up as button combos are in standard numpad notation. Just something I noticed.)

I’ve been browsing the wide world of doujinsoft, looking for a(nother) game I could feasibly translate on my own. I’ve been playing Crucis for a while, but only recently have I gotten back into it (mostly because of my new self-built gaming PC) and I find I like it well enough to waste my time cracking it.

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Crescent Pale Mist translation 1.0 released!

•September 26, 2009 • 12 Comments

It is finished, kupo! The Lone Moogle’s first translation project, Crescent Pale Mist, is now released to the world.

Crescent Pale Mist English Patch 1.0:

I’ll mirror it later. Maybe. I’ll also be posting translation notes for the next week or so, on certain points of interest in the localization (it can hardly be called a straight-up translation after how I butchered edited it). For now, I am going to take a quick rest, then go break the news to /jp/.

Feel free to leave comments to tell me what you think. (Translation: comment or I might cry.)

UPDATE: Translation Notes have been added. Expect updates to that page every now an then.

UPDATE 2: A quick-patched translation of the demo is now available for people without the game.