Crescent Pale Mist making progress

It’s moving along pretty well. I doubt anyone’s reading this but if they are, hello!

The script is completely translated (has been for a while now), including a (possibly) deleted scene and the alternate epilogues, making there one per difficulty level (except Easy). Every test run I make reveals some new typos and formatting glitches which I’ll try to have ironed out by release time. As it is, editing is the only thing holding up the release, but I want to make sure it all reads well.

All image text has been done, including all 98 item notifications, which had to be converted by hand to the game’s format. Fun times. The translated credits screen images don’t seem to want to show up for the moment, probably due to a picky BMP reader. I may have to hold off on that if it takes longer to fix then the last of the event scripts.

The executable has been completely translated,  including some custom error messages I didn’t even know were there. All the modified pointers are working, with the exception of the aforementioned credits screen (for some reason). Item/Artifact descriptions are still in beta as I figure out how to reword the text to fit in the allotted spaces and keep them accurate. Some of them are clues to item locations, so I need to make sure that they make sense in context. I don’t want to have to rewrite the string pointers if I can avoid it.

All that said, there’s only so much more work to be done, so it’ll probably be ready for this weekend.


~ by Moogle Warrior on September 23, 2009.

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