Crescent Pale Mist translation 1.0 released!

It is finished, kupo! The Lone Moogle’s first translation project, Crescent Pale Mist, is now released to the world.

Crescent Pale Mist English Patch 1.0:

I’ll mirror it later. Maybe. I’ll also be posting translation notes for the next week or so, on certain points of interest in the localization (it can hardly be called a straight-up translation after how I butchered edited it). For now, I am going to take a quick rest, then go break the news to /jp/.

Feel free to leave comments to tell me what you think. (Translation: comment or I might cry.)

UPDATE: Translation Notes have been added. Expect updates to that page every now an then.

UPDATE 2: A quick-patched translation of the demo is now available for people without the game.


~ by Moogle Warrior on September 26, 2009.

12 Responses to “Crescent Pale Mist translation 1.0 released!”

  1. Thank you very much! … unfortunately since I’m so rubbish at the game, I’ve only been able to enjoy 2 1/2 stages worth of your translation so far.
    Accuracy wise, it’s making sense (insomuch as it’s meant to, I guess…) and I’m certainly enjoying the dialogue.
    Something which struck me was how cold (I suppose driven would be a better word) Yunow comes across after the surreal banter in the tutorial.

    • Yunow’s like that, unfortunately. Her attitude will start making sense by stage 4, and by stage 5 she’ll have been pulled out of her shell a great deal.

      Hang in there! The difficulty starts ramping up in stage 3, but all you need to do is remember how phenomenally broken Yunow’s abilities are.

  2. Oh my moogle go…d…1!!
    Where did this translation come from? What great moogle has translated this amazing (albiet drives me crazy) game!
    Ever since I discovered this game a few years ago I’ve been an instant fan of its unique side-scrolling combat, insane boss battles, and way too many secrets to explore (Not to mention the difficulty; I always choose Sacred Knight in the hopes of unlocking … Nightmare).

    Never expected to see a translation of this great game… I hope you did a good job! Because, if so I’m your number one fan 😀 (Otherwise I’ll have to get out the Moogle Hammer…)

    I will spread the good news 🙂

  3. I am already spreading the good news here and there, as this great game deserves much attention, and you deserve many heartfelt thanks for bringing such a gem to this side of the globe’s light!

    Many thanks!

  4. Been playing, and just wanted to say again… Great job!

  5. hi i was confident to enjoy that great game finally with english texts, but unfortunately the patched game doesn’t start anymore. i’ve got the cpm_11e_update from the mainpage (without it your patch won’t apply anyway) and once i patch it to english and start the game, the screen remains black, i only hear the music and a window pops up telling me the game has crashed. could you fix this or tell me what i’ve done wrong?

  6. whooops sry i just noticed my mistake ^^ stupid me i only copied the exe and not the whole folder. can’t wait to play it now :- D

  7. Big thanks! Now I like this game even more. And the tutorial was just hilarious.)

  8. Excuse, I’d like to know if you are planning to update your English patch for Crescent Pale Mist since the current version of the game is now ver1.1f.

    • As mentioned in my latest post, CPM is receiving a commercial English localization (meaning it will become easily available in western markets with a translation that doesn’t fail completely).

      In cases like this, a fan translation is unneeded and, well, illegal. An such I have voluntarily stopped supporting/distributing my patch. That ClassiC has also released an update that breaks compatibility with my existing patch is, frankly, fantastic, because it means I can vanish into obscurity until Namco decides to release Klonoa Heroes as DSi-ware in English-speaking markets (I’m not holding my breath).

  9. >.> don’t have a ps3… no one bothered to mirror this patch? ;_; no storyline for me…

  10. reupload please

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