This is me, editing the string table. The line I’m changing originally read “Ninerives blade works” and served no real purpose other than as a pointer to the rest of the table. (Quite cleverly, the strings that show up as button combos are in standard numpad notation. Just something I noticed.)

I’ve been browsing the wide world of doujinsoft, looking for a(nother) game I could feasibly translate on my own. I’ve been playing Crucis for a while, but only recently have I gotten back into it (mostly because of my new self-built gaming PC) and I find I like it well enough to waste my time cracking it.

The good news is that, like Crescent, it is a simple enough job. The string table is uncompressed in the game’s EXE file, and all the game data is tar-balled together but otherwise uncompressed. Because of the magical TGA format, I can manually reinsert files into the archive without pulling my hair out.

There’s no story mode to speak of, though, so this will probably take the form of a text-only hack, followed by replacing the images where needed (mostly just fixing typos they haven’t caught themselves, though there is a little bit of Japanese text in places).


In other news, the 1.1 translation patch for Crescent is in progress. There are some things in the current translation that merit fixing, and some images that need touching-up and so on. I’m aiming for a symbolic Halloween release.Other Crescent related news includes updates to the Translation Notes, and a translated Item Collection Guide pulled from the eastern end of the interwebs.

Also, anyone waiting on the Klonoa hack shouldn’t hold their breath for the moment. While translating it is easy enough (it’s written for fifth-graders), I’m still working out how best to go about reinserting, and I really don’t want to have to shuffle data around. The easiest path so far seems to be converting the message scanner from the space-inefficient dual-byte reader (it has only 256 symbols in it’s character table, which a single byte reader would handle better). Which is a chore beacause my ARM7 assembly skills are only novice level. That, and I need to write a variable-width hack, also a chore. The alternative is worrying about string length every two seconds while anglicizing the script.

Expect updates every now and then. The first item on the list will, in all likelihood, be the config EXE, as that will help people tweak their settings while they wait. We’ll see how long that takes.


~ by Moogle Warrior on October 16, 2009.

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