Crescent Pale Mist licensed!

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Crescent Pale Mist has been licensed by Rockin’ Android, and will be receiving an official localization. As such, I am no longer providing my Crescent patch (and you shouldn’t either). I’ll still keep the moderately unhelpful item guide up for people who want it.

Rather than decry the capitalist tyranny keeping me from distributing a free patch, I personally think it’s actually pretty fantastic that Crescent is getting the treatment it deserves (a commercial localization). From my sparse correspondence with a Rockin’ Android translator, and their track record, I’m pretty sure it’s in capable hands.

As for my other projects:

Crucis (chronologically the last update I made…) is probably canceled, unless anyone particularly cares (which means comment, people)

Still ASM hacking Klonoa, slowly.  Again,  it’s really just a personal project, since there isn’t much demand for cat-rabbit-things (as Namco-Bandai will be quick to tell you. Poor Klonoa Wii…)

Everything else (my so-called “future projects”) is purely hypothetical also, unless I make a significant breakthrough. I’m just one moogle, after all.

I’m also thinking about posting my general translation-related musings. Lord knows I might actually update more often that way. Kupo for your thoughts?


~ by Moogle Warrior on March 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Crescent Pale Mist licensed!”

  1. How about create patch for new ClassiC-Shikoukairo game titled “Grana Embrace”, there is some translation already available in
    . It will be great if there is patch that make the translation embedded to game.

    • Poked around in that one, but the script and images are encrypted, and I’m no cryptographer. There’s probably a better way to do it, but I’m focusing on easier/quicker things for now.

  2. […] games to consoles with Crescent Pale Mist. The North America publisher of Suguri and Gundemonium picked up the rights to Crescent Pale Mist a few months ago. The game popped up in the ESRB database as a PlayStation 3 and PSP title yesterday. Here’s how […]

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