New Project: Manga Scanlating!

Not like anyone reads these anyway, but I’ll post here for archival purposes and pretend like I’ll be noticed. The Lone Moogle has taken up the fine craft of manga scanlating, starting with two series of excellent quality.

Firstly, Natsuki Takaya’s excellent (and hoo boy angsty) Hoshi wa Utau. Since the (one) group scanlating it is MIA (but still releasing raws) the Lone Moogle has taken it upon himself to continue their noble work, whether or not they want him to (which remains to be seen). First chapter by the Lone Moogle is here (Chapter 38). As he did with Crescent

[insert moment of silence for the departed]

there will be detailed notes and a project page up later. Expect releases weekly until he catches up with the monthly chapters in Hana to yume.

The second most excellent manga the Lone Moogle will be working on is White Knight Chronicles: The Dogma War, a prequel to the critically panned PS3 RPG, available online in Japanese since 2007. As each chapter is significantly longer, this one will be relesed much slower, starting with (a somewhat redundant) Chapter 1 next week.

No, there are no limits to the Lone Moogle’s ADD, so son’t even ask.


~ by Moogle Warrior on June 25, 2010.

19 Responses to “New Project: Manga Scanlating!”

  1. Thank you for picking up Hoshi wa Utau. Whether they wanted you to or not. ;3 It had been so long since the last release from the previous group that I was afraid I’d never get to see what happened next. I really enjoyed the chapter, and look forward to more of your work. Thank you for your efforts! ❤

  2. Thank you so much for picking up Hoshi wa Utau! It means so much. Really. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. I was hopping all this time that someone would picking up Hoshi wa Utau again, thank you!!! I’m really happy about this :D!

  4. It’s so good to be able to read Hoshi wa Utau again! Thank you! I usually don’t like ansgty stories very much but this one’s an exception.
    Also, I think the reason Endless Youth and co. are being so slow with Hoshi wa Utau is that they lack a dedicated translator. You can notice in the credits that the translator changed between chapter 36 and chapter 37. Magicbulletgirl is only doing the editing.
    All this to say that she would probably accept to help you with the editing if you asked. It would probably serve your translations better.
    Of course, this is just a suggestion. I don’t know her and maybe you prefer working on the series alone.

  5. Seriously, I want to thank you for picking up Hoshi wa Utau. I’ve really been loving it and was sad to see no updates in a long time. Thank you so much for releasing this chapter.

  6. thanks so much for picking up Hoshi wa Utau!! thank you for this chapter!!

  7. Whoaaaa… thank you very much for picking up this series!! :O Can’t wait to read the continuation! 🙂

  8. Thanks for picking up Hoshi Wa Utau! I’ve been waiting like for ages to read the new chapter.. Thanks for your efforts XD

  9. Yay…thanks! It’s been ages since I’ve wanted to read what had gone on between Saku and Kanade and how they had ended up together..then we have the Saki/Sei chapters and the latest ones have been pretty intense, can’t wait to see them in English, so thanks so much!

  10. Add me to the list of people thanking you for picking up Hoshi wa Utau. I thought I was going to have to wait until some English publisher licensed it. As it is, I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet. BTW, do you always refer to yourself in third person?

  11. Thank you for picking up Hoshi Wa Utau!!! I was SO sad to see it “inactive”. I hoped that it would start going again soon and was very excited to see a new chapter up! I love this series so thank you very much!

  12. THANK YOU!!! I’m so glad I get to read this one again! *smooches*

  13. Many thanks for the new chapter release. 🙂

  14. I think my day just became brighter… Hoshi wa Utau… CAN”T BELIEVE IT!!
    THANK YOU for picking this manga! Its awesomeness is stunning! Thank you again for picking this project 😀

  15. Nice. It has been a long while since I last read a HwU chapter 😀

  16. Thank you so much for picking up Hoshi wa Utau!!!

  17. Thanks for releasing ch38.

    I would like to speak as a member from Divine Sanctuary, the other group that jointed HwU with EYnC. For unspecified reasons to me, we apparently dropped the project a long time ago.

  18. You are incredible for scanlating this. I’ve been following it religiously since it started, and I was devastated when DS and EY&C seemed to drop it. And to top it off, you do great work!

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

  19. Thank you so much for picking up Hoshi wa Utau!!! I’m so happy!! I’ve been reading the raws and now I’ll be able to understand! :] thanks again!!

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