Item Collection Guide

Because it seems to be necessary (ha), the Lone Moogle has spliced together a few resources from across the interwebs, one in Japanese, the other ‘fished from Traditional Chinese.

Note that some item names that appear are different from how they are listed in-game. That is entirely my fault. These names will be corrected in a 1.1 patch once I’ve recovered from the strain of putting together the 1.0. These names will be corrected when the English version is released.

That said, below you will find two tables listing all items in game, and below them you’ll find two more tables, listing item locations and effects. Format is (Stage)-(Map Number), i.e 1-002 would be the Stage 1 boss arena. Miniboss names are approximate (I haven’t verified the locations of all of them (there are a lot), so go by map number when in doubt).

Items can only be found on Normal mode and higher.

Ruby Excalibur Rusty Sword
Sapphire Brynhildr Obsidian Tail Blade
Emerald Brywteas Color of Deepest Red
Amethyst Commoner’s Blade Color of Deepest Green
Aquamarine Shiv Color of Deepest Black
Opal Astral Dagger Handmade Rosary
Moonstone Demon King of Destruction Unbright Ring
Diamond Kickback Boots Ornamental Flute
Garnet Holy Demon’s Dress Ancient Dragon’s Windpipe
Royal Jelly Flaming One-Piece Sword-Saint’s Proof
Elixir Princess’s Robe Dark Matter
Music Room Key Thick Jelly Wolfsbane
Terror Medallion Sticky Jelly Crystal Skull
Nightmare Medallion Bat Fang Angel’s Halo
Wicked God’s Idol Vampire Fang Angel’s Wings
Impossible Mirage Ghost-in-a-Bottle Devil’s Tail
Silver Pocketwatch Malice-in-a-Bottle Devil’s Wings
Knowledge of the Quest Potato Intelligent Glasses
Bravestone Golden Potato Coke Bottle Glasses
Philosopher’s Stone Bronze Armor Anything Button
Orichalcum Copper Armor Anathema Manuscript
Light Crystal Black Crystal Armor Adventure Manuscript
Black Steel Silver Armor Ancient Manuscript 1
Nectar of Life Gold Armor Ancient Manuscript 2
Mythril Abyss Garb Ancient Manuscript 3
Pumpkin’s Mystery Pumpkin Ancient Manuscript 4
Onion’s Mystery Onion Ancient Manuscript 5

Item Locations

Ruby 2-008 No defense decrese during red aura
Sapphire 6-000 No defense decrease during blue aura
Emerald 3-000 No attack decrease during Endurance
Amethyst 1-000 (Terror or higher) Increased CP recovery speed
Aquamarine 5-001 Increased HP recovery from PM absorbtion
Opal 4-059 Increased emergency escape duration
Moonstone Enemy: Narju (Stage 6) CP penalties halved
Diamond 4-046 2x wisps released by attacks
Garnet Enemy: Evil Garnet armors (2-019) Enemy movement speed decreased
Royal Jelly 3-051 (hidden branch from 3-050) HP+10000, PM+1000, CP+100
Elixir 5-067 Saved from death once
Excalibur 3-052 (hidden branch from 3-050) Fear damage +, useable during Endurance
Brynhildr 4-065 Fear damage ++, ignores enemy Endurance
Brywteas Enemy: Soray (Stage 2) Royal Blade range + (reduced damage)
Commoner’s Blade 4-046 Royal Blade damage ++
Shiv 3-063 (use aerial recovery) Dagger combo hits increase drop rate (max 50 hits)
Astral Dagger Enemy: Kurow Phase 3 Dagger damge +
Demon King of Destruction 5-002 Dager damage ++, Midnight Rip speed decreased
Kickback Boots 3-011 Reverses direction of Knock-Jumped enemies
Holy Demon’s Dress 4-016 Defense +, resist explosion damage
Flaming One-Piece Enemy: Narju (Stage 2) Phase 2 Defense +, resist flame damage
Princess’s Robe Enemy: Elshiria Phase 2 Defense ++
Rusty Sword 2-001 Attack damage 1
Obsidian Tail Blade Enemy: Teranoias’s Tail Blade Attack Damage +, Defense –
Color of Deepest Red Enemy: Teranoias Red Horn CP Limit + 100
Color of Deepest Green Enemy: Dagneiv Tongue No CP penalty from enemy special attacks
Color of Deepest Black Enemy: Gasyukal Greater CP Limit increase from attacks
Handmade Rosary Enemy: Vizet Royal Blade -> Seraph Blade
Unbright Ring 4-088 Fear offsetting ability (?) increase
Ornamental Flute Enemy: Elshiria Phase 1 Fear duration increase
Ancient Dragon’s Windpipe 4-056 Capacity Burst enabled
Sword-Saint’s Proof Enemy: Shuvalzard (4-097) Attack damage +, float during aerial attacks
Dark Matter Enemy: Soray (Stage 5) Phase 2 Suction resistance

Artifact Locations

Music Room Key 6-000 Adds Music Room to Title Screen
Terror Medallion Enemy: Black Star armors (4-017) Unlocks Terror Mode (after Hard clear)
Nightmare Medallion Enemy: Nightmare of Legend (3-040) Unlocks Nightmare Mode (after Terror clear)
Wicked God’s Idol Enemy: Forgotten Statue (4-082)
Impossible Water-Mirror 4-110
Silver Pocketwatch Enemy: White Rose armors (5-002)
Knowledge of the Quest 2-011 (hidden branch from 2-001) Shows item locations on Results screen
Bravestone 2-010 (see above, head right off edge) Obsidian Tail Blade damage +
Philosopher’s Stone Enemy: Gasyukal’s Philosopher’s Stone Activates powers of gems collected
Orichalcum 4-115 Commoner’s Blade +
Light Crystal 5-070 Brynhildr damage +
Black Steel 3-076 Demon King of Destruction damage +
Nectar of Life Enemy: Su-Ru-Me (5-000) Royal Jelly +
Mythril 4-063 Ornamental Flute +
Pumpkin’s Mystery Enemy: (4-114)
Onion’s Mystery Enemy: (5-070)
Thick Jelly Enemy: Slime (small) (Stage 1)
Sticky Jelly Enemy: Jelly Bitter (Stage 3)
Bat Fang Enemy: Creamy (Stage 2)
Vampire Fang Enemy: Mahogany Cat (Stage 4)
Ghost-in-a-Bottle Enemy: Grudge Soul (2-019)
Malice-in-a-Bottle Enemy: Lunacy Haunt (Stage 6)
Potato Enemy: Larva (small) (Stage 3)
Golden Potato Enemy: Un Known (3-036)
Bronze Armor Enemy: Magic Armor (Stage 2)
Copper Armor Enemy: Blood Armor (Stage 2)
Black Crystal Armor Enemy: Dark Armor (Stage 4)
Silver Armor Enemy: Holy Armor (Stage 5)
Gold Armor Enemy: Gilgamesh (4-059)
Abyss Garb Enemy: Wight (Stage 3)
Pumpkin Enemy: Wonderful KaVoCya (3-059)
Onion Enemy: Delicious TaMaNeGi (3-046)
Wolfsbane Enemy: Mirage Flier (Stage 6)
Crystal Skull Enemy: Heartless Lich (5-001)
Angel’s Halo 5-035 (Knock-Jump onion on left side of 5-002)
Angel’s Wings 5-024 (From left side of 5-001)
Devil’s Tail 3-046
Devil’s Wings Enemy: Golden Radiance (3-031)
Intelligent Glasses 4-002 (drop down from 4-006, dash right)
Coke Bottle Glasses 5-055 (From left of map 001, via 002)
Anything Button Enemy: D’Artagnan (Stage 5 Map 002) Boss Mode unlocked
Anathema Manuscript 5-000 (by Su-Ru-Me)
Adventure Manuscript 3-006 (Knock-Jump up right ledge)
Ancient Manuscript 1 4-042 (From 006, cross chasm with wall jump -> dash x2 or Knock-Jump pumpkin)
Ancient Manuscript 2 4-000 (Hidden branch from 001, near Bnana Face)
Ancient Manuscript 3 4-017 (fall down furthest right gap on upper section, then dash right)
Ancient Manuscript 4 4-081 (before Statue, on lowest platform)
Ancient Manuscript 5 4-115 (with Orichalcum, before Boss)

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