Translation Notes – Hoshi wa Utau

Chapter-specific notes:

Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40

About the title

“Hoshi wa Utau” means literally “The Stars Sing”. The generally accepted fan-nickname in English speaking countries is “Twinkle Stars”, both from the English tagline “Twinkle stars like singing a song” that appears on title pages in Hana to yume as well as the phenomenon that leads Sakuya to believe the stars are indeed singing. I’m going with “Hoshi wa Utau” for my releases because I don’t want to conflict with whatever the English publisher decides to call it when they manage to secure a license. Which could happen any day now, and will probably be foreshadowed by all my Mediafire releases vanishing abruptly.

Character Notes:

(Names presented in Japanese order for consistency)

Below you’ll find various useless notes on character’s speaking styles, things that don’t make the jump into English but are still useful for understanding characters. More will be added as characters reappear.

Shiina Sakuya:

Personal pronoun: Atashi (Immature feminine)
Standard polite informal speech, nothing worth pointing out.

Aoi Chihiro:

Personal pronoun: Ore (Mature masculine)
Standard polite informal speech. Actually a little more formal than Sakuya most of the time, probably owing to being a private-school kid from Tokyo.


Personal pronoun: Ore (Mature masculine)
Speaks with feminine speech markers most of the time, giving him a sort of relaxed refinement. When angered, switches to contracted short-form (a more “masculine” style). In my translations, he tends to swear like a sailor (because you know it works).


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