Hoshi wa Utau: Chapter 38

Sakuya: a “pain in the ass”

Technically, the word was “uzai”, a contracted form of “urusai”, both of which mean “noisy in an irritating way.” “Uzai” however, has the added bonus of being extremely impolite, which is basically the same thing as swearing in an ultra-polite language like Japanese.

English is a fairly straightforward language (we’d grown out of formal vs. informal language by the Renaissance), so calling someone “noisy” in a rude way just doesn’t have that same punch, ergo, Sakuya is a “pain in the ass”.

While Takaya-sensei’s writing is pretty edgy, I just don’t want people thinking that was some sort of literal translation. Still pretty shocking to come from Kanade’s mouth though, which is probably the point.

A note on Natsuki Takaya’s handwriting

It’s pretty terrible, but thus far I’ve only had to outright fudge it once (the “Watch your step” line from the train intercom), and only then because the line was completely inconsequential. I blame the low-res raws, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Rest assured that I’ll never gloss over any line that actually matters, no matter how long it takes to figure out what those tiny squarish scribbles mean. Most of her lettering is digital so it’s generally a non-issue.


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